Brantford Red Sox Recognize Players Of The Past Decade

by Bryan Young

With the start of a new decade upon us, the Brantford Red Sox organization would like to take the opportunity to recognize some of the players who put in the most service during our previous ten years (2010-2019)

8 Seasons

Stefan Strecker2010 to 2018165 games played,
196.2 innings pitched

7 Seasons

Nick Burdett2013 to 2019232 games played,
972 plate appearances
Lee Delfino2010 to 2016261 games played,
1161 plate appearances
Wayne Forman2010 to 2016285 games played,
1131 plate appearances
Graham Tebbit2011 to 2012, 2014 to 201841 games played,
228 innings pitched

6 Seasons

Terrell Alliman2011 to 2015,
222 games played,
1022 plate appearances
Josh McCurdy2010 to 2013,
2015 to 2016
205 games played,
1012 plate appearances

5 Seasons

Nathan Forer2012 to 201669 games played,
307 innings pitched
Tyler Patzalek2010 to 2013,
158 games played,
659 plate appearances
Jamie Richmond2013 to 201754 games played,
334.1 innings pitched

4 seasons

Matt Betts2015 to 201885 games played,
109 innings pitched
Ben Bostick2014 to 2017156 games played,
758 plate appearances
Tyler Burnell2010 to 2013189 games played,
787 plate appearances
Hyung Cho2010 to 2013147 games played,
666 plate appearances
Brandon Dailey2014 to 2017145 games played,
664 plate appearances
Nate DeSouza2015 to 2018116 games played,
519 plate appearances
Christian Garcia2014 to 201746 games played,
100.1 innings pitched
Jason Gotwalt2010 to 2013
153 games played,
653 plate appearances
Brad Hogeterp2010 to 201333 games played,
68.1 innings pitched
Jeff Hunt2013 to 2016152 games played,
644 plate apearances
Dan Jagdeo2015 to 2018132 games played,
571 plate appearances
Matt Martinow2014 to 201746 games played,
169 innings pitched
Mike Meyers2010 to 201342 games played,
218.1 innings pitched
Robert Ramsdale2010 to 201342 games played,
218.1 innings pitched
Tyler Soucie2014 to 201765 games played,
75.2 innings pitched

Thank you to all players who donned the Red Sox uniform over the past decade!

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